Visual Condition Surveys

W.D.M. Limited routinely carry out a wide range of visual road condition surveys including:

ukPMS Coarse Visual Inspection (CVI)

WDM® is a major provider of CVI surveys to local authorities. Its large team of fully certified and experienced surveyors use software and vehicles specifically designed to collect visual data, without the need for walked surveys.

With digital mapping, data input via touch screen, real time data processing, and the collection rules and survey routes defined by VIM, WDM® provides the solution for collecting ukPMS Coarse Visual Survey (CVI) data.

Digital maps and the survey routes are loaded onto the computer in the vehicle and the operator uses the ‘touch sensitive screen’ in the vehicle to select the first route to be surveyed. A map will appear on the screen showing the route, clearly defining the start and end points.

The operator uses the Pan and Zoom facilities to become familiar with the route. In ‘survey mode’, the map is replaced with the CVI data collection software which is also operated using the ‘touch sensitive screen’.

The start and end distance for each defect of the carriageway, footpath, cycle track, minor or major road, etc. is recorded automatically using a Brantz distance measurement device. A start distance is recorded automatically when the operator first touches the defect name on the screen. The end distance is recorded automatically when the operator touches the same defect for a second time.

The severity of each defect is defined by the operator using the ‘touch sensitive screen’ and at the end of the route the software automatically compares the survey length with the route length and gives the operator the choice of either accepting or rejecting the CVI data.

The operator will base his decision on the ‘match’ between the route length and the survey length and will then select the next route to be surveyed from the list held in the route table.

Collected data is speedily processed and supplied electronically either in HMDIF or WDM® Interchange Format.

ukPMS Detailed Visual Inspection (DVI)

WDM®'s team of full time, certified surveyors use ukPMS accredited software, developed in-house, to undertake DVI surveys for local authorities.

The Company has extensive experience in planning, scheduling, undertaking and reporting DVI surveys on both carriageways and footways.

DVI surveys are undertaken solely on foot, either individually for partial footway surveys, or in teams of two for full surveys. Data is supplied electronically in either HMDIF or WDM® Interchange format.

Other visual surveys undertaken by full-time WDM® staff, who have acquired detailed knowledge of all aspects of the visual condition survey types listed are:

  • RMMS Inventory
  • RMMS Safety
  • RMMS Detailed

Services include planning, training, site supervision, traffic management, data collection, data storage, data presentation and quality control. Quality assurance schemes are available for use with the visual condition surveys.

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