Multi Function Road Monitor (MRM)

The new design for the MRM makes it ideal for undertaking objective repeatable road condition surveys on minor narrow roads and in towns and cities.

The original MRM is the forerunner of the RAV road survey vehicle and records all SCANNER defects except road cracking.

The MRM also has a forward facing video and all defects are referenced using GPS. 

The MRM survey vehicle uses the HRM method for the measurement of longitudinal profile. The HRM method allows us to provide valid longitudinal profile data at all speeds down to a minimum of 0.5 km/h. This is particularly important for MRM surveys on the unclassified roads where the nature of the roads dictates surveys at lower speeds.

W.D.M. Limited has three MRM survey vehicles, which are used to undertake routine annual surveys for a number of Clients in England and Wales. The MRM was also used to survey unclassified roads in Scotland as part of an early Scottish Road Maintenance Condition Survey (SRMCS) Contract.

The MRM survey vehicles now house all measuring systems within the footprint of the vehicle and are accredited by TRL each year using the SCANNER accreditation procedures for all measurements, except road cracking.

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