W.D.M. Limited Structures Management System (SMS) module is available as a separate low cost standalone product but is also capable of operating within an integrated WDM® Management System to provide integration between Structures and Highways.

SMS runs on the latest software and is a graphically based system designed to help the Engineer manage their structures stock, utilising the following:

User Defined Inventory – The module allows the Engineer to create Structure Types (e.g. Bridges, Retaining Walls etc.) and define its attributes including geometry, owner, services carried, components etc. Bridges may be further broken down into Spans or form of construction, if required. All datasets may be queried and displayed against map backgrounds.

Digital images, drawings, correspondence (including Microsoft Excel, Word and even email) may be held against the relevant structure, either inside the SMS database, or linked to a file server via a file path.

Inspection of Structures 

Allowing the engineer to plan and monitor the progress of General and Principal Inspections to both historic and new CSS Inspection Rules. Structures to be surveyed can be graphically, selected from a map showing their last inspection date, and seamlessly transferred to a Data Capture Device running WDM® Structures Data Collector. Completed surveys are imported back into the WDM® SMS and the last inspection date and the Bridge Condition Score is automatically calculated.

Production of Performance Indicators 

The SMS calculation module calculates the Bridge Stock Condition Indices for both new CSS Surveys and for Historical Surveys using a harmonisation matrix. The Condition Indices may then be presented and queried using the standard WDM® presentation tools including Data Explorer, Reports and Charts.


Records, manipulates and prioritises maintenance work undertaken on bridge stock by element, work category and repair type. Load Capacity – contains the design capacity for all structures and the calculation of load capacity of Masonry Arch Bridges by the modified MEXE Method.

Work Bank

Calculate the Structures Workbank Performance Indicator based on the actual monetary value of the work required on the structure stock.

Links to Corporate GIS

The WDM® Structures Management System provides tools enabling the user to Import layers from the Corporate GIS,  query and present these imported layers against the data in the SMS. Any SMS data set may also be exported back to the GIS in either Mapinfo, mif/mid file or Arc shape file format.

Asset Management

The SMS Asset Valuation module follows the guidelines for valuing structures set out in the CSS Guidance Document for Highway Infrastructure Asset Valuation. The WDM® SMS allows for Structures to be categorised into Asset Groups and Sub Groups. The Gross Replacement Cost (GRC) is calculated for each subgroup as a composite Unit Rate per square metre. These unit rates are totally user definable and can be adjusted on an individual basis.

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