Street Works Management

The W.D.M. Limited Street Works Management System (SWMS) contains full ETON v6 compatibility for managing notices from all undertakers and interested highway authorities and a direct interface with the RMS to send notices for their Term Maintenance Contract.

SWMS allows for all notices and reinstatement details to be displayed graphically against other graphical datasets and notices to be analysed against diversion routes. All documents relating to the notice will be stored in the integral Document Management System against the notice reference number.

As with all WDM® modules, inspection software is provided for inspectors to inspect and monitor utility excavations and reinstatements.

WDM® has developed a Web based Graphical Viewing Tool called Web Information Publisher (WIP). WIP enables data, especially Street Works data, to be graphically displayed on the Intranet / Internet and is used by authorities to satisfy an e-government requirement to allow the public to view Street Works data. Members of the public can enter either a place name or a post code to the gazetteer to locate the place of interest.

Alternatively, users can zoom in from the opening overview map using simple tools. Once at the place of interest, users can then choose to view currently active works or future works. Devon County Council are also using WIP on their intranet to allow members of staff to view currently known defects, such as street lights out etc.

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