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To support their increased involvement with clients, WDM® has taken on more support staff in its computer departments to handle day to day queries.

The W.D.M Limited integrated infrastructure asset management systems link road and highway condition data with accidents, structures, customer services, inventory, routine road and pavement maintenance, works orders, street works and street lighting.

Applications use server-based technology to deploy modules using client and web browser interfaces, but users occasionally have technical queries and need help and advice, particularly as systems evolve to meeting changes needs. 

WDM® have a very wide base of Local and Central Government clients for WDM® Asset Management Systems, covering many modules:











Pavement Management System (PMS) is one of the Modules, but PMS is more than just presenting data on a map – It’s a whole Management System.

In addition, as part of their Integrated Highway Asset Management System WDM® developed the process known as Public Information Portal or ‘PIP’. This has enabled an increasing number of clients, i.e. Devon and Cumbria, to introduce online services to dramatically improve how the councils manage and respond to highways faults.

Whether it's reporting a pothole, a faulty street light or a blocked drain, the new system provides a seamless experience for all, whether it is a member of the public reporting the defect or highways staff fixing the fault.

Ian Cadwallader, Software Development Manager at WDM®, says the programme not only increases direct access for members of the public to report problems, but gives the council greater control over its assets.

The software increases both communication and efficiency of operation, enabling the authority to carry out effective repairs without undue delay. Members of the public reporting faults also get peace of mind from the knowledge that their voice can make a difference,” he said.

There are nearly 20 people in the Computer Services, supporting all the software modules, each with their own niche within the Support Department.

These are just a few examples of this expertise:

Gareth & Kyran are currently tackling Crystal reports together and becoming known as the go to people for their expertise with Crystal Processing.

Isabel is currently working closely with Devon to innovate the way they inspect, refill & repair their Grit Salt Bins. This will use WDM’s Web Flexible Editor to make inspecting a breeze.

Tom is the guy for Streetworks and is currently spearheading multiple projects, including one that will improve the way inspections within Streetworks are carried out.

Olly is leading the new Support Application Build team, to ensure any new and existing builds remain on time and with the resources and people they require.

Sharon is the resident expert at PMS yet continues to dabble in every other part of Support. A fundamental member of the team, Sharon has an encyclopaedic knowledge, with 20 years at WDM® under her belt, including the 12 she has worked specially within Support.

Helen & Kirsty make calling into the Support team a breeze, always helpful and eternally cheerful they can help with most problems and if not, they know who exactly to transfer you to!

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