Pavement Management

The W.D.M. Limited Pavement Management System (WDM® PMS) module provides a complete solution to pavement maintenance from input and processing of raw survey data through to treatment selection, budgeting and repair history.

It incorporates all of the approved processing methods for SCANNER, SCRIM®, Deflectograph, HRM, RAVS and CVI/DVI (through the UKPMS module). The system is therefore able to manage data at the rawest level and thus supports re-processing, trending, maintenance updates etc.

Raw data processing is not a requirement of ukPMS, but having this built in to the PMS represents considerable savings in survey and processing costs.

The System provides:

  • Integrated Mapping tools (no need to purchase expensive GIS systems) but will also output overlays to GIS
  • Digital video streaming referenced to the maps
  • Graphical full depth construction layers’ management
  • Management of fully classified traffic counts and PANDEF modelling
  • Graphical editing of network referencing, survey routes etc.
  • Automatic and manual input of SCRIM Site Categories to HD28/04
  • Comprehensive reporting tools including Strip Maps, business graphics, text reports which can be linked to the maps
  • Input/management of Maintenance Policies covering structural, functional and safety requirements
  • Asset Management – including calculation of maintenance backlog, asset valuation and whole life costing. The system provides input of user defined treatments and unit costs and testing of different strategies.

The Data View mapping tool allows multiple datasets to be easily overlaid on Vector and/or Raster maps, which makes scheme identification easy. It is also possible to generate and overlay predicted schemes and these can then be graphically combined together to form realistic schemes using the Scheme Manager module. These schemes are optimised and ranked to produce actual Maintenance programmes

The reporting and querying tools are very flexible. User defined filters can be applied to almost any attribute in the database to produce specific reports which are then displayed on the maps, charts, text reports or exported to other applications/GIS if required.

Print preview mode allows the user to see exactly what is to be printed and will represent the page size selected for any installed Windows printer.

Where appropriate, graphical input and editing tools have been provided to simplify functions such as network editing, route building, construction management, etc.

Network editing tools include splitting, joining, reversing and coordinating of sections. Creating network shape is carried out by simply drawing on any map type using the mouse.

The Calculation tool supports trending of raw data to any date. Fixed length or scheme based summarising methods are applied to the raw data and this will take account of repair histories and maintenance policies to produce a ranked list of schemes/costs required to achieve the policy.

The user is then able to use the Budget tool to investigate, over a period of up to 10 years, the effects of different cost profiles under the various budget headings. The results can be plotted to demonstrate the effects of underspend.

SCRIM is the registered trade mark of W.D.M. Limited

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