Environmental Landscape

Capable of operating within an integrated W.D.M. Limited Highways Management System or as a stand-alone data management module.

Environmental Landscape Manager (ELM) enables the management of environmental inventory items: trees, verges, planted areas etc. It provides a simple map interface for data collection / inspections, fully user customisable attributes, data tabs and pick lists and an integrated map interface for data collection & viewing.

Like all WDM® modules, the ELM provides comprehensive mapping tools using all of the major Raster and Vector map types and postcode/gazetteer searches based around Address Point and/or National Land and Property Gazetteer. This ensures the maximum efficiency of recording inventory.

The system allows inventory to be collected as either Point (trees, shrubs), Polyline (hedges) or Polygon (planted areas, verges). The items can then be viewed & edited directly from the maps, or from text descriptions.

Documents can be stored against any inventory item either on site or back in the office. These documents can be images, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets etc.

This feature allows comprehensive documentation to support any inspection recommendations or nuisance complaints to be stored in the database with the inventory.

The Environmental Landscape Collector (ELC) is designed to run on a tablet PC with a slimmed down copy of the ELM database. This provides almost full functionality of the office ELM, but designed for a DCD for inspections & data capture.

Inspections are then synchronised with the main ELM database on return to the office. All new items, changes to existing items and documents are imported to the ELM database quickly & efficiently. The import / export process also allows the ELM database to be used as normal while the inspection is being carried out.

Report generation is also supported through the WDM® SQL Query module, integrated Crystal Report viewer or support for Access reports. These three interfaces allow users to create customised reports to suit their needs.

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