The W.D.M Limited integrated infrastructure asset management systems link road and highway condition data with accidents, structures, customer services, inventory, routine road and pavement maintenance, works orders, street works and street lighting.

Applications use server-based technology to deploy modules using client and web browser interfaces. 

Configurations range from corporate server farms to standalone PCs. All modules adopt a common GUI and feature query building, map presentation, reporting and data collection. GIS support is implemented using Open GIS standards.

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Customer Services

The WDM® Customer Services System module has been designed to control front line customer contact, e.g. call centre operations. The system allows an enquiry or complaint to be recorded and generates the required actions to ensure the enquiry receives a prompt response.


Environmental Landscape

Environmental Landscape Manager (ELM) enables the management of environmental inventory items: trees, verges, planted areas etc. It provides a simple map interface for data collection / inspections, fully user customisable attributes, data tabs and pick lists and an integrated map interface for data collection & viewing.



The WDM® Lighting Management System (LMS) module has been designed to provide a complete solution for managing both planned and unplanned maintenance operations for road and highway and other public lighting using the latest map based techniques.


Pavement Management

The WDM® Pavement Management System (WDM® PMS) module provides a complete solution to pavement maintenance from input and processing of raw survey data through to treatment selection, budgeting and repair history.


Routine Maintenance

The WDM® Routine Maintenance System (RMS) module has been designed to provide a complete solution for managing both Cyclic and Non-cyclic maintenance operations using the latest map based techniques.


Street Works Management

The WDM® Street Works Management System (SWMS) contains full ETON v6 compatibility for managing notices from all undertakers and interested highway authorities and a direct interface with the RMS to send notices for their Term Maintenance Contract.



WDM® Structures Management System (SMS) module is available as a separate low cost standalone product but is also capable of operating within an integrated WDM® Management System to provide integration between Structures and Highways.


ukPMS Module

Capable of operating as a component within the full WDM® Pavement Management System module, WDM® ukPMS Manager is also available as a separate standalone product designed to satisfy the requirement of Local Authorities to produce Audit Commission Performance Indicators at a low cost.

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