WDM® User Group 2018

More than 50 local authority clients from across Scotland and the North of England will be taking part in a WDM® software training event at Stirling University on Tuesday, 30 October.

The intention of this User Group is to showcase some of the new generic developments (affecting all modules) while focusing in on some of the developments specific to the different modules e.g. Routine Maintenance (RMS), Lighting Management (LMS), Flood Risk, Parks, Structures, Pavement Management (UKPMS), Accidents etc.

Clients have been invited to highlight any changes that may be required (due to legislative updates and other) and the Company will highlight any it has recently implemented or intends to work on. There will also the chance for one-to-ones with the head of WDM®’s Scottish operations, Graeme Paterson and his team. 

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