WDM® attend the Road Safety Markings Association (RSMA) Event

WDM® will be showing delegates at the Road Safety Markings Association annual meeting in Derby how the retro-reflectivity of road markings can be measured across a full carriageway width in a single Scanner survey.

A WDM® Scanner machine already simultaneously takes more than 40 different measurements of road condition, including cracking and potholes (surface irregularity index)

Now a Scanner survey can deliver even more value by measuring retro-reflectivity and daytime contrast of road markings. Plus, the wide measurement range allows for the simultaneous measuring of offside, nearside and in-lane markings, unlike previous generation devices – in one pass!

Ultra-bright LED illumination enables surveying at any time of day or night at speeds up to 120km/h, making it suitable for both trunk road and local road surveys.

WDM® will be exhibiting at the AGM – visit us on Stand 3.

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