UK roads across the country have been reported in poor condition

A BBC article has reported that 10% of the road maintenance network created by local authorities in Great Britain is in poor condition, or has been flagged for further inspection.

About 37,000 kilometres (22,990 miles) across England, Wales and Scotland fell below top standard in road surveying carried out on behalf of the Department for Transport.

The RAC said the road maintenance network had suffered from years of underinvestment.

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The government said it was investing £6bn in improving local roads and implementing road surveying across the UK.

The analysis by the BBC Shared Data Unit comes as a separate investigation by the Asphalt Industry Alliance found more than 39,300 kilometres (24,400 miles) of lanes had been identified as needing essential road maintenance in the next year.

Simon Williams, a spokesman for the RAC, said: "Before the cold snap the condition of many local roads was on a knife edge with many councils struggling to  perform road maintenance properly.

"But now, as a result of the 'Beast from the East' some local roads will have deteriorated even further, possibly to the point that they represent a serious risk to the safety of users."

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