UK Pavement Management Health Check

The latest version of W.D.M. Limited’s UK Pavement Management software (ukPMS) has successfully completed its annual health check.

The system is regularly independently tested to cover the loading, processing and reporting of data and also when an existing version is modified.

Version 4.10 of the PMS and ukPMS is scheduled for release by the end of January 2017.

The independent consultants reported: “The WDM system (v4.10.0) has satisfied the requirements for the 2016 Annual Health Check for UKPMS and that this has been ratified by the Road Condition Management Group on behalf of the UK Roads Board.."

Capable of operating as a component within the full WDM® Pavement Management System module, WDM® ukPMS Manager is also available as a separate standalone product designed to satisfy the requirement of Local Authorities to produce Audit Commission Performance Indicators at a low cost.

It allows users to undertake the following analyses on the ukPMS data sets:
  • Import visual and machine data to edit area
  • Validate / amend data Transfer data to main database
  • Specify rules and parameters for automatic pass
  • Rate defects to produce treatments
  • Cost & Prioritise Treatments

ukPMS Manager contains a Road Condition Indicator Calculation module enabling the user to process SCANNER data through a range of weighting sets (including user definable). These weighted Defect Values can then be queried, overlaid or charted and used to produce the National Performance Indicators.

Coarse Visual Inspection and Detailed Visual Inspection data can also be processed to produce performance indicators. Overlays created within the maps module can be exported to the Local Authorities Corporate Graphical Information System using the ukPMS Manager’s GIS export module.

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