SCOTS 2018 Meeting

W.D.M. Limited is attending and exhibiting at the Society of Cheif Officers of Transportation (SCOTS) annual general meeting and seminar, which takes place at Athol Palace Hotel in Pitlochry on the 3 and 4 May.

The Society of Chief Officers of Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS) is a strategic body comprising of transportation professionals from all the 32 councils and the seven regional transport partnerships. The society's work involves improving performance and innovation in the design, delivery and maintenance of transportation systems.

SCOTS is also involved in research in key areas which affect local authorities through working with stakeholders such as Transport Scotland. An important role is to encourage networking and sharing of information amongst members and stakeholders.

The society seeks to improve the performance in the way things are done, such as the need to have a Scottish road maintenance condition survey. This has proved to be very effective, and another project is in progress to enhance road asset management plans in a standard way across Scotland.

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