Let there be light!

W.D.M. Limited will be exhibiting at the Professional Lighting Summit in Glasgow this month.

The conference in Glasgow, on 14 and 15 June, is organised by the Institute of Lighting Professionals (ILP) and will feature keynote addresses and presentations from many of the lighting industry’s leading individuals.

There are 35 different talks and workshops and more than 20 exhibitors showcasing the latest developments in lighting technology, hardware and street lighting management systems.

WDM® will be demonstrating its Lighting Management System (LMS) module, which has been designed to provide a complete solution for managing both planned and unplanned maintenance operations for road lighting, highway lighting, and other public lighting using the latest map based techniques.

The system incorporates all client and contractor stages of the process and a comprehensive security manager ensures that users have the exact privileges required to fulfil their role in the process.

The module covers:

  • Management of scouting routes and inspection surveys
  • Management, analysis and reporting of outages generated from inspections and public notification
  • Generate and manage routine maintenance orders of street lighting
  • Plan, estimate and generate works orders for major maintenance of street lighting
  • Support contractor claim and valuation process
  • Collect and manage street lighting inventory - Including on site data collection software
  • Calculation of Column Condition Indicators
  • Generate and monitor energy consumption of street lighting systems
  • Monitor performance and expenditure associated with the street lighting system against ‘best value’
  • Comprehensive mapping tools included with export to GIS as MIF/MID or Shape File Formats
  • Electronic night scouting and routine maintenance using handheld data collection

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