High Friction Surfacing Seminars

The RSTA (Road Surface Treatment Association**) is organising two seminars aimed at highlighting the benefits of using High Friction Surfacing (HFS) and dispelling some myths around durability and using high PSV asphalt.

The first, at Old Trafford Football Stadium, Manchester, on 27 September 2017, will include a presentation from Mark Stephenson, head of consultancy services at W.D.M. Limited, who’ll explore the relationship between SCRIM® and accident rates on high risk sites, and the use of High Friction Surfacing to mitigate risk.

Mark’s consultancy colleague, Mike Blackmore (left), will be speaking at the second event at Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge on 25 October 2017.

High Friction Surfacing (HFS) is being used increasingly by highway authorities to improve safety – SCRIM road surveys help identify areas where high friction surfaces may work most effectively and help reduce accidents.

* SCRIM is the registered trade mark of W.D.M. Limited

** RSTA members include national and local contracting companies, local authority direct labour organisations, material and equipment suppliers.

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