Equipment and Manufacturing

W.D.M. Limited expertise is widely recognised in the field of pavement, road and highway survey equipment design. Its design engineers specialise in three main areas; mechanical design, electronic and signal processing design and high speed video and image detection. The creation of self-diagnosing software and helpful user interface is a design requirement.

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Road Assessment Vehicle (RAV)

WDM® has been using Road Assessment Vehicles (RAVs) to undertaking high speed data acquisition surveys since the late 1980’s. These vehicles have been the primary provider of SCANNER survey data throughout the United Kingdom.


Deflectograph equipment

Deflectograph surveys assess the structural condition of pavements by measuring the transient deflection of the road surface under the action of a rolling wheel at standard loading conditions. 



The SCRIM® road survey vehicle helps reduce accident rates by measuring the wet skidding resistance of a road surface and is ideal for network skidding resistance surveys, with a daily survey capacity of 200 to 300 km depending upon road type.



The TM2 surface texture meter is the result of an extensive in-house research and development programme by WDM® to provide all the functionality of a routine surface texture measurement instrument, coupled with extensive analytic tools.



WDM® has remained true to its engineering roots and is established as the UK’s leading manufacturer and provider of highway survey equipment, also exporting its machines around the world.

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