Analysis and Reporting

The W.D.M. Limited Consultancy team has a long established reputation for clear understanding of structural deterioration of flexible pavements and road condition surveying and can provide detailed analysis of condition data, or undertake one off projects using condition data.

The team has in-depth expertise of analysing Deflectograph and FWD measurements, together with the interpretation of Ground Penetrating Radar, to define structural strengthening requirements.

The link between reduction in service level or structural capacity and an increase in routine maintenance costs is persuasive, albeit largely based on anecdotal evidence. The Consultancy team has developed procedures for quantifying that relationship, which can be used in the argument for capital funding to save on subsequent routine budgets.

Many performance contracts require the contractor to demonstrate that they are maintaining the network to a prescribed condition, and the WDM® consultancy team can provide reports tailored to specific contractor requirements.

Structural strengthening to HD29/08

The WDM® Consultancy team can also assist in developing maintenance options using Deflectograph data. Using the WDM® Pandef programmes it is possible to identify the nature and extent of work required for a section of road. This service is provided to local highway authorities as part of scheme design and PFI contracts, as well as to assess strengthening options for existing roads due to road widening schemes, change in traffic, etc.

Deflectograph analysis requires a good understanding of traffic flows on the road, or likely use of new/ improved roads, as well as construction data. Where there is uncertainty in either data the WDM® Consultancy team can undertake sensitivity analysis to consider the implication of changes to either.

Deflectograph reporting

Useful Link: HD 29/08, Data for Pavement Assessment, DMRB, Volume 7, Section3, Part 2

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