The Complete Management Solution

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Deflectograph Surveys

Highway Authorities have used the Deflectograph for more than 30 years to indicate the strength of their asphalt roads By measuring the condition of all road layers, not just those that can be seen at the road surface, it’s possible to define the backlog and long term budget requirements needed t...

SCRIM Surveys

Helping to lower accident rates by identifying where there is a risk of wet-road skidding. Since the mid-70’s Highway Authorities have used the Sideway-force Coefficient Routine Investigation Machine (SCRIM) method to indicate those lengths of road where the skid resistance is below investigatory...

Customer Services

The WDM® Customer Services System module has been designed to control front line customer contact, e.g. call centre operations. The system allows an enquiry or complaint to be recorded and generates the required actions to ensure that enquiry receives a prompt response. An integrated Security Man...

Visual Condition Surveys

WDM® routinely undertake a wide range of visual condition surveys including: ukPMS Coarse Visual Inspection (CVI) WDM® is a major provider of CVI Surveys to Local Authorities. Its large team of fully certified and experienced surveyors use software and vehicles specifically designed to collect v...

Environmental Landscape

Capable of Operating within an integrated WDM® Highways Management System or as a stand alone data management module. Environmental Landscape Manager (ELM) enables the management of environmental inventory items, trees, verges, planted areas etc. It provides a simple map interface for data collec...


Road Assessment Vehicles (RAVs) carry out high speed data acquisition and recording of surface conditions, including automatic recognition of surface cracking. This gives performance indicators to enable maintenance work to be prioritised and National Indicators to be calculated. WDM® has been un...

ukPMS Module

Capable of operating as a component within the full WDM® Pavement Management System module, WDM® ukPMS Manager is also available as a separate standalone product designed to satisfy the requirement of Local Authorities to produce Audit Commission Performance Indicators at a low cost.

Routine Maintenance

The WDM® Routine Maintenance System (RMS) module has been designed to provide a complete solution for managing both Cyclic and Non-cyclic maintenance operations using the latest map based techniques. The system incorporates all Client and Contractor stages of the process and a comprehensive Secur...


The WDM® Lighting Management System (LMS) module has been designed to provide a complete solution for managing both planned and unplanned maintenance operations using the latest map based techniques. The system incorporates all Client and Contractor stages of the process and a comprehensive Secur...


WDM® Structures Management System (SMS) module is available as a separate low cost standalone product but is also capable of operating within an integrated WDM® Management System to provide integration between Structures and Highways. SMS is a graphically based system designed to help the Enginee...

  • Deflectograph Surveys

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  • SCRIM Surveys

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  • Customer Services

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  • Visual Condition Surveys

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  • Environmental Landscape

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  • RAV / SCANNER Surveys

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  • ukPMS Module

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  • Routine Maintenance

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  • Lighting

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  • Structures

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The Complete Management Solution

WDM® offers the complete asset management solution supported by unrivalled experience and technical expertise.

Already the UK’s leading manufacturer and provider of highway survey and monitoring equipment, with a unique understanding of highway maintenance and asset management, WDM® is also the UK’s largest survey contractor, serving all UK Government agencies and 90% of local authorities.

WDM® continues to develop pavement monitoring technology, set new industry standards and help clients and partners, both in the UK and overseas, achieve new levels of best practice.


4th Safer Roads Conference 2014


The 4th International Safer Roads Conference, which took place from 18-21 May, 2014, in Cheltenham, was a great success.

It was particularly so for the quality of the papers presented from nine different countries and for helping break down the divisions between the agencies and specialisms involved in creating and maintaining road networks.

The Conference programme included papers by the police, medical doctors, traffic safety professionals and highway maintenance and asset management engineers; a truly significant cross section of those involved in producing safer roads.

The keynote speakers from Holland, New Zealand, UK and USA were inspirational:

Questioning complacency generated by reducing headline accidents rates while masking increases in deaths and serious injuries to the most vulnerable;

Questioning our attitudes to road safety and explaining that:

o people make mistakes and so achieving safer roads needs everyone to be involved;

o people are vulnerable and our bodies have limited ability to withstand crash forces without being killed or seriously injured;

o responsibility needs to be shared - system designers and those who use the roads must jointly create a road system where crash forces do not cause death or serious injury.

Explaining the developments that will occur in the immediate future through the use of technology in the car and how this will reduce the risks we face when driving. However, it will also produce ethical issues, such as increasingly having a rich middle aged class driving safe cars, while the young and disadvantaged, will be driving the least safe, which are associated with the highest risk of death and serious injury when involved in an accident;

Presenting examples of best practice in maintaining high standards of road safety within highway maintenance asset management plans.

The Conference, which was co-sponsored by W.D.M. Limited, New Zealand Transport Agency and the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation, was unique in being almost entirely electronic.

Delegates already have access to the papers and presentations and these will be made available, free of charge, to everyone on the Conference web-site, The papers and presentations for the three earlier conferences are also accessible.

The 5th Safer Roads Conference will be held in New Zealand in 2017 and those interested will shortly be able to register for future updates on the Conference website.


Roads to Success


The Daily Telegraph Business Club has commissioned an independent film profile of W.D.M. Limited, its approach as a company, how it’s evolved and developed and the factors behind its success. From its beginnings more than five decades ago W.D.M. Limited has focused its attention on listening closely and responding to the needs of its customers. It’s a simple formula, but one that is all too often overlooked as companies evolve and expand. Today the business specialises in designing equipment to monitor highways and pavements and to assess their maintenance needs.

W.D.M. Limited is widely recognised as a leader in its sector, providing services to most UK local authorities, and has reached this position by working closely with its clients to provide equipment and services that are genuinely invaluable. The Daily Telegraph film charts the company’s development and explains how it is working hard to develop the same close relationships with road engineers across the globe. Click here to view.




The TM2 brochure is available in various languages, use a flag to download your prefered choice:-

The updated TM2 surface texture meter with the latest electronics is the result of an extensive in-house research and development programme by WDM® to provide all the functionality of a routine texture measurement instrument, coupled with extensive analysis tools.

The TM2 is recognized as delivering the definitive macro texture measurement standard. The updated TM2 measures a broad swathe of the road profile transversely over a width of 100mm at very frequent intervals to build a detailed record of the surface, with its average texture depth, and delivers repeatable and consistent results.

It is widely recognised that pavement texture is an extremely important factor in the control of surface friction and subsequent road safety. It is also an important parameter for the determination of factors such as noise emission from vehicle tyres.



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